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Lewis Dale 7f7bd98099 Start bringing Janet back from the dead 2023-03-22 15:21:29 +00:00
Lewis Dale d4cd674d7a Modifications to commands system, begun work on proper video module 2017-02-08 19:31:23 +00:00
Lewis Dale c76f8e27a7 Janet now uses the compromise library to process commands, meaning she has NLP! Commands now only have to contain the right phrases, e.g. "play a video" and "play the video" both trigger the same command, regardless of the rest of the text
Simplified the events dispatcher because shared memory references were causing events to be dispatched multiple times
2017-02-05 19:16:10 +00:00
Lewis Dale deb70524cd New modules:
* Commands, that lists available commands
* Reload, that allows Janet to reload the module list (therefore loading new modules) via a pm
2017-02-04 00:20:02 +00:00
Lewis Dale a2638c4624 Fixed misplaced comma in README 2017-02-03 23:06:09 +00:00
Lewis Dale 1b76932632 Modified README 2017-02-03 23:05:26 +00:00
Lewis Dale 7b48f9bc21 Modifications to module system:
* Renamed Module to JanetModule to reduce chance of clashes with NodeJS module
* Changes to event dispatcher - different PubSub instances for each type of event
* Fixed issues with arguments and scoping when modules triggered
2017-02-03 23:00:23 +00:00
Lewis Dale 4c55837193 Module system, initial creation of Janet 2017-02-03 16:28:18 +00:00
Lewis aedcdfff7c Initial commit 2017-02-03 14:54:28 +00:00